Dryer Heating Element – NA WE11M23

Part No. NA WE11M23


Dryer Heating Element Replacement
Dryer Heating Element NA WE11M23 fits most GE, Hotpoint, RCA dryers and others.
Restring kit is available for this element see part NA WE11X10007C restring kit.
Model: WE11M23
$99.00 New


Part Purpose:

The heating element turns electricity into heat.

Part location on dryer:

This heating element is located behind the drum.

Part failure symptoms

When the element fails the dryer turns but does not heat.

Part diagnosis:

If there is no continuity through the heating element, it is bad. Visually inspect for a break in the element. Bring your “heating element” in for free confirmation that it is good/bad or call the U-FIX-IT store for free assistance with diagnosis.

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