Ice Maker ER5303918277

Part No. ER5303918277


Ice Maker Universal Replacement
ER5303918277 is an ice maker that replaces Frigidaire, Sears, and others.
Model: ER5303918277
$99.95 New

Part Purpose

The ice maker controls the automatic ice making cycle. It senses the ice level in the bin and makes ice as needed to keep the bin full.

Part Location

The ice maker is located in the freezer compartment.

Part Failure symptoms

Failure to dump ice. Failure to refill with water may or may not be a bad ice maker. See diagnosis below.

Part Diagnosis

Test the ice maker by manually filling the ice maker with water. Check that freezer is below freezing, then wait two hours, if no ice is dumped in the bin, the ice maker is bad. If ice is dumped into the bin then the ice maker water valve is bad and the ice maker is good. Bring your “ice maker” in for free confirmation that it is good/bad or call the U-FIX-IT store for free assistance with diagnosis.

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