Water Level Switch ERWH12X10065

Part No. ERWH12X10065


Washer Replacement Water Level Switch
Water level switch fits GE, Hotpoint washers and others.
Model: ERWH12X10065
$37.33 New



The water level switch shuts off the water and starts the agitation motor when the water level reaches the selected level.


The water water level switch is located in the control panel directly behind the knob that selects the water level.  There is a small diameter hose that attaches to the switch in addition to the electrical wires.

Failure symptoms

The water level switch may fail in any one of three ways.  1.) The water continues to flow without shutting off at the selected level. 2.) The water shuts off, but the agitate cycle does not begin. 3.) The water will not flow when the wash cycle is started.  NOTE: If the hose is disconnected or damaged, the water level switch will not shut off the water.  Tub must be completely drained before reattaching the hose.


With power off and wires removed.  Check for continuity between the common and normally closed terminals.  There should be no continuity between the common and normally open terminal.  The continuity should reverse when the switch is activated by blowing into the diaphragm until a click is herd.   Bring your “water level switch” in for free confirmation that it is good/bad or call the U-FIX-IT store for free assistance with diagnosis.

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