Dryer Drum Bearing ERWE3M26

Part No. ERWE3M26


Dryer Drum Bearing Replacement
ERWE3M26 – Dryer Drum Bearing for GE & Hotpoint dryers.
Model: ERWE3M26
$22.60 New

Part purpose:

This bearing supports the front of the drum and allows the drum to turn freely.

Part location on dryer:

The front drum bearing is located behind the front of the dryer and supports the front of the drum.

Part failure symptoms:

The front drum bearing provides the mount for two “slides” which are the actual bearing surface. Worn out slides cause damage to the the front drum bearing. A failed front bearing can cause the drum to scrap against the front of the dryer resulting in a squeal or metal scraping sound. A failed front bearing may cause increased resistance for the motor to overcome when starting resulting in a slow start or a failure to start. Rear bearing should be checked as well.

Part diagnosis:

Inspect the “front drum bearing” for signs of wear and/or breakage. Bring your “front drum bearing” in for free confirmation that it is good/bad or call the U-FIX-IT store for free assistance with diagnosis.

Replacing drum bearing

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