Two “not so obvious” things to check that can stop all waterflow in your refrigerator.

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Here are two easy things to check when your refrigerator has both malfunctions of no water and no ice. These fixes aren’t to the “broken parts” that we usually look for in the troubleshooting process. They are the icemaker supply line burst valve and the water filter.  Either one of these items can stop all flow of water in the refrigerator without being “broken.”  Other items can give these symptoms too, but these are quick and easy to check.

Icemaker Supply Line Burst Valve

The burst valve is an add-on item that may have been installed by a plumber or a refrigerator installer in the water line between the refrigerator and water shut off valve.  Not every refrigerator installation will have one. The purpose of the burst valve is to stop the water flow in the event the water line bursts and begins to flood the house.

The burst valve will also stop the flow of water if the water is turned on too quickly at the shutoff valve.  Some homeowners have inadvertently activated their burst valve when they shut the water off to change their water filter and then failed to open the shutoff valve slowly.

Resetting the Icemaker Supply Line Burst Valve

  1. Turn off the water at shutoff valve.
  2. Disconnect burst valve from shut off valve. This relieves the pressure.
  3. Reconnect the burst valve.
  4. Slowly turn on shut off valve.
  5. Test for water flow at water dispenser on door.

Filters assorted

Refrigerator Water Filter

Most refrigerator manufacturers (Whirlpool, GE, Hotpoint, Frigidaire, Electrolux, LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, etc..) offer refrigerators with built-in water filters.  There comes a point where water filters can stop up completely and cut off the water supply.  Replacing the filter will eliminate it as a possible cause of the stoppage.

There you have it. Check these two “not so obvious” items before beginning systematic troubleshooting for no water flow in your refrigerator.

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8 Responses to “Two “not so obvious” things to check that can stop all waterflow in your refrigerator.”

  1. I have a chemical smell in my Frigidaire refrigerator. If it is a freon leak how much would repairing this cost? What else could be the problem?

    • Jim Plummer says:

      Robelia, A chemical smell might be freon, but I would expect a freon leak to produce rising temperatures inside the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is operating normally, I would look elsewhere for the source of the smell. Jim

  2. Yara says:

    We just bought a Whirlpool and for the first week it was making Ice and Water was dispensing just fine. All of a sudden neither are working. Nothing shows up on the screen with an error. We don’t know what to do. Already tried removing the filter etc nothing works. Can someone please help me. Thank you

    • Jim Plummer says:


      I would verify the water supply is flowing freely to the refrigerator. Then I would check the water valve is receiving voltage at the solenoids and that water is flowing through the valve. You can bring the water valve into the U-FIX-IT store nearest you for free testing. Thank you for your inquiry.


  3. dale horst says:

    I put in a new filter 2 weeks ago had good water flow and made ice good for 2 weeks now I have no flow can my filter be bad in 2 weeks

    • Jim Plummer says:

      It is possible the filter is bad that soon. I would change it out to see if that fixes it, just because it is easy to do and I can reinstall the filter for a future change out if that is not the problem. If a new filter is not the solution, then it is time to look at the water inlet valves. Thank you for your inquiry.

  4. janice hughes says:

    If my refrigerator’s water flow works but icemaker doesn’t are there 2 different inlet valves for producing ice/water ? Or does the icemaker have it’s own valve ?

    • Jim Plummer says:


      Yes, the icemaker has a separate valve. The icemaker sends a signal to the water valve when it is time to refill. A simple test to determine if the icemaker is bad or if the water valve is bad follows.
      1. Fill the icemaker mold with water using a small cup.
      2. Wait two hours.
      3. If ice is made and kicked out into the bucket, then the water valve is bad.
      4. If the ice remains in the mold of the icemaker, then the ice maker is bad.

      If you would like more personalized help, give us a call with your model number for free diagnosis assistance. Thank you for your inquiry.