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Caloric Appliances Information

Though the Caloric Corporation first began in 1890 as the Klein Stove Company, it would be another 13 years before Caloric appliances were sold. In the early decades of the 20th Century, Caloric introduced what was essentially an early version of the Crock Pot with its Caloric Cooker.

Consumers continued to buy the company’s products, with the name becoming famous for serving as a one-stop shopping spot for appliances in the kitchen. That was primarily due to built-in wall ovens and gas stoves with an infrared burner.

Caloric was purchased by the Raytheon Corporation in 1967. Over the next quarter-century, Raytheon decided to merge Caloric with another subsidiary, Amana. Eventually, the company was sold multiple times before a new owner, Canadian-based JMM Lee Properties, decided to make a major effort to re-enter the appliance market in 2012.

That re-entry currently has three products currently available to consumers at five specific outlets: Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, Goemans and Tasco. The designs of the appliances are deliberately targeted at consumers who either recall the brand with nostalgia or who like the retro look that it evokes. The appliances are:

Caloric Refrigerators

  • Each of the refrigerators is designed with energy-saving considerations, such as LED lights, while unique technological advancements are also part of the package. Each shelf within the refrigerator can be adapted to the lifespan of the product its keeping cold, an accomplishment possible through the MultiFlow 360 Degrees ventilation system. This system takes ions that have been negatively-charged and sends them through a number of different refrigerator slots. That allows for extended freshness of foods, thanks to attentive maintenance of the humidity inside as well as the temperature.
  • Another innovation is the use of AdaptTech, which actually works with the appliance’s owner to understand their habits. Doing so helps maintain proper temperatures and can even lower it in anticipation of the door being opened.
  • Other drawers focus on different aspects of concern. CrispZone zeroes in on humidity, SuperCool handles food that arrives home from a shopping trip, SimpleSlide can adjust for different sizes of jars and bottles and the XtremeFreeze focuses on getting things frozen quickly.
  • The XXL SpaceBox offers plenty of room for freezer considerations, while the Inverter Compressor helps the refrigerator run more quietly and with much better energy efficiency. Finally, the ZeroZone drawer keeps items iced in freezing temperatures.

Caloric Gas Ranges

Two models accommodate both the standard 30-inch option, with four burners, and those who prefer or need larger stoves, with the 36-inch variety that has six burners. However, there are some similarities:

  • Both burners can either cook quickly or drop to extra low for simmering purposes
  • Both ovens use either conventional or convection modes
  • Both models are ideal for either grilling or broiling
  • Both are designed to be energy-efficient

Caloric Induction Cooktops

Two models, also 30 and 36 inches, with the 30-inch model offering five heating elements and the latter offering six. Some of their similarities include:

  • A 3,700-watt burner
  • Nine power levels
  • Touch control
  • A two-hour safety shut-off

Additional appliances are expected to be introduced in the years ahead.

Caloric Warranty Information

All Caloric appliances have a two-year warranty, which includes labor and parts. When setting up a service call, the warranty number will be required and the original sales receipt should be available.