Brown Appliances

Brown Appliances

More than 80 years ago, Grover Cleveland Brown opened up Brown Stove Works Inc., with the goal of not only making the very best stoves available but also providing quality customer service. That 1935 beginning in Cleveland, Tennessee, made them one of 60 American companies to be in the business of manufacturing stoves, and the only one in the country that’s still constructs ranges and is privately held.

Always Innovating

The fact that Brown hasn’t attempted to stray from what made it such a successful company means that they’ve been able to focus on making sure that every detail is covered along the way. That laser-like focus has helped inspire concepts like cordless ignition, which eases the trouble of gas range lighting through the use of batteries.

That isn’t the only recent innovation to make it into Brown equipment, with Coil Logic serving as an easy way to keep an eye on range temperatures on electric models. This asset can play a key role in drastically reducing the number of cooking fires that can quickly engulf a kitchen. That puts the health of a home’s occupants and their life in potential danger.

In that same vein, the Brown HeatSense also addresses the danger of fires taking place during the process of cooking. The stove helps get a sense of impending danger by assessing the heat from utensils on it, which results in the burner being turned on and off depending on that temperature.

From a more aesthetic perspective, the ranges can blend right in with a countertop through the use of slide-in trim for either electric or gas ranges. Companies that attempt to cover appliances with a wide brush might overlook a small nuance like that, something that sets Brown apart.

The different available models include:

  • Freestanding-Gas and Electric: Both of these come in four different sizes–20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches. With most of the models coming in one of three colors: white, black and bisque. The gas ranges can ignite through either electric or a pilot light, with the electric version having an option of a sealed surface burner. For those electric models, customers can be guaranteed to have front controls along with one eight-inch surface element and a trio of six-inch elements. Each have one-piece drip pans that can be cleaned with ease.
  • Built-In Wall Ovens: Three different models, two of which are gas, with all of them 24 inches. Each has a clock/timer with a window/light, with the gas stoves offering a lower broiler and the electric a broil element.
  • Cooktops: The gas cooktops come from either 9-volt or electronic ignition and open burners, with chrome options also available. Both electronic options here offer the coil elements.
  • Elderly Models: All nine models come in white and in sizes of either 20, 24 or 30 inches. All use either Coil Logic or coil elements, with each size offering two models with storage and one without.

The Brown service department is accessible by phone, fax and e-mail. The company website offers troubleshooting information for problems that might be taking place, encompassing a wide range of possible issues. Some of those areas that may be seen as being a concern are actually just normal operation.