Admiral Appliances

Admiral Appliances

Having begun operations as the Continental Radio and Television Corporation, Admiral appliances once consisted of only the manufacture of radios and record players, which was followed the next decade by production of televisions. Then, in the mid-1950’s, they entered the home appliance market that included such things as refrigerators, air conditioners and ranges.

Changing financial conditions that began in the 1960’s resulted in a change of business strategies that eventually led to the selling of its manufacturing of color television tubes to RCA in 1971. Two years after that, the company was purchased for $78 million by Rockwell International.

After Rockwell took control of the company they began a dizzying array of ownerships over the next few decades. The company sold Admiral’s appliance business to Magic Chef, which held onto the company for more than a decade. In 1986, Magic Chef itself was purchased by Maytag, which expanded the available appliances for the company.

Two decades of ownership by Maytag then followed until 2006, when the company was purchased by Whirlpool. Upon that sale, the Admiral brand would only be available in Home Depot stores.

Due to a number of different factors. Admiral appliances have discontinued the four washers and dryers they had been selling. The washers available are very similar in appearance, with a 3.6 and 3.4 cubic foot top load washer in white for sale. Meanwhile, the dryers are exactly alike in size at 6.5 cubic feet, yet have a very distinct different: one is powered by electricity and the other by gas.

The two washers have the following aspects in common:

  • A max spin speed of 700 RPM
  • Nine wash cycles that include Normal, Permanent Press and Delicate
  • Ability to handle bulky items and large loads
  • Ability to adjust water levels, which helps avoid wasting water
  • Panel controls in the rear that make selection of the options and cycles easier
  • Enamel wash baskets made of porcelain to avoid problems of rust and odors

The 3.6 cubic foot washer has these differences:

  • A reduction in vibration and noise due to the advanced suspension system
  • A cycle status bar that helps keep track of where the washer is in the process

The 3.4 cubic foot washer has these differences:

  • A wash basket surface that’s much smoother in order to avoid snagging items
  • A dispenser that automatically delivers bleach

With the energy source the only difference, the dryers have a number of things in common, including:

  • 11 drying cycles to handle a variety of fabrics
  • A swing door that’s reversible and extra-large
  • Temperature monitors to avoid overdrying
  • A feature to avoid wrinkled clothing
  • Three temperature settings

Both also have a one-year warranty with limitations.

While Hope Depot will hook up Admiral appliances, new fill hoses will have to be purchased beforehand. That’s because they won’t hook up any used hoses. In addition, the water valves need to be free of corrosive material corrosive and within six feet of where the appliance will be located. Finally, a three-prong, 110-volt outlet must be available for the washers. For the dryers, the outlet needs to be 240-volts and within four feet of the appliance, while a new dryer duct and electrical cord must also be used.