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Bosch Appliances Information

In Stuttgart, Germany in 1886, Robert Bosch began operations for the company that would eventually bear his name. However, it began its corporate life as the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering, and still includes many other products than simply Bosch appliances.

Due to that lengthy history, the Bosch brand defines the appliance market in Europe, which helped makes its arrival in the United States inevitable. Bosch home appliances began to emerge in 1933, when the company’s first electric refrigerator hit the market.

That design of that refrigerator began as a round shape, with subsequent designs also eliciting rave reviews. Such success led to kitchen machines in 1952 that were able to quickly slice, grate and shred all types of food.

Moving out of the kitchen, Bosch then focused on introducing washing machines six years later, making it easier for consumers to keep things clean. Getting clothes clean then moved the company back into the kitchen, when its first dishwashers were sold.

Modern technology brought about combinations like a washer and dryer in one machine, a microwave that was part of an oven, and ovens that were able to clean themselves. Further conveniences and innovations followed, helping keep the Bosch name at the forefront of the appliance market.

Bosch offers 10 different home appliances to its customers that are carefully designed with flexibility and space considerations in mind:

  • Refrigerators: Whether the preference is a built-in model or a free-standing version, Bosch has both options available
  • Ranges: Bosch’s range model takes into consideration all surroundings. That’s why gas, electric, induction and even dual fuel options exist. With the induction model, faster cooking speeds are achieved.
  • Wall Ovens: These are built into the wall and have single, double or combination models. Also, those that allow for a steaming process to take place with food are available.
  • Microwaves: Going beyond a simple version, Bosch offers ones that are built either above a ranger or under a counter. Each of them guarantee speed in cooking.
  • Coffee Makers: A built-in version or models that use the Tassimo hot beverage system help keep drinks warm.
  • Cooktops: The Benchmark FlexInduction makes it easier to cook different things in a unique manner, thanks to the presence of two cooking zones.
  • Dishwashers: Choices include front control, top control models or ones with custom panels included. In addition, compact versions and those that work best for disabled individuals are also available.
  • Mixers: Going beyond a simple food processor, this comes with a blender.
  • Hoods: Air quality is always important, with six different hood options available. These include under-cabinet, pull-out, island chimney and downdraft. In addition, the custom insert variety quickly eliminate the presence of odors and smoke.
  • Washers and Dryers: Helping make the most of available space, the 24-inch models are quiet, fast and durable. For good measure, they’re Energy Star appliances.

Warranties on all Bosch appliances will be limited in nature and lasting for one year. The warranty covers the entire appliance, as well as parts and labor for any service that’s equired within that time frame. Service technicians and service partners authorized by Bosch can be accessed on the company website, with online scheduling possible.