Air Conditioner Contactor, 2 Pole MR 17425


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Air Conditioner Contactor, 2 Pole Replacement
This contactor is a replacement for many brands of outdoor air conditioning condenser units. The universal mounting base allows replacement of most contactor brands.
Operation of 2 pole contactor
The contactor connects the outdoor unit to 220 volt power causing both the compressor and the outdoor fan motor to run.  The 2 pole contactor disconnects both legs of the 220 volts (cuts all power).  A 1 pole contactor in contrast leaves one leg of the 220 volts connected even when the outdoor unit is not running. The contactor is controlled by the indoor thermostat which uses 24 volt power to energize the contactor and connect 220 volts to run the compressor and fan motor.
Model: MR 17425

Part Specifications:

Definite Purpose Switching Relay 24 VAC coil
2 poles
Resistive Current 50 Amps


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