er r117 universal receptacle for plug in burners


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Part No. ER R117 Universal Receptacle for Plug In Burners

Part purpose:

R117 universal receptacle (also called terminal block) is a replacement for many brands and models of electric cooktops and ranges.  The receptacle transmits power to the burner (element) and facilitates the easy removal of the burner for cleaning.

Part location on Refrigerator:

R117 receptacle mounts underneath the top of the cooktop or range near the drip pan.  Electric burners (elements) plug directly into the receptacle.

Part failure symptoms:

Burner (element) will not get hot or may intermittently fails to heat.

Part diagnosis:

Visual inspection: Look for evidence electrical scorching or burning on the mating surface that connects electric power to terminals (plugs) of the burner (element). If the terminals (plugs) of the burner (element) are scorched or burned, the receptacle contact will probably be scorched or burned as well.  U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts recommends replacing the receptacle whenever there is evidence of scorching or burning on the burner (element) contacts (plugs). Remove and take your receptacle to the nearest U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts store for free testing to confirm it is bad. Call the U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts store for free assistance with diagnosis.

Fits many Whirlpool, Kenmore, Estate, Roper, KitchenAid, Maytag, Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE, General Electric, Hotpoint ranges and cooktops


Kit contains terminal block, 2 mounting brackets, 2 shrink tubes, and 2 high heat porcelain wire nuts.

Cross Reference Info:

Replaces RR110 Supco,  WB17X5088 General Electric, W10116799 Whirlpool, 53-003 Robertshaw, RR109 Supco, Y0089336 Whirlpool, WB17X5091 General Electric, 877796 Whirlpool, 865749 Whirlpool, 877610 Whirlpool, 878407 Whirlpool, 877632 Whirlpool, 877977 Whirlpool, 4338440 Whirlpool, 4320363 Whirlpool, 877618 Whirlpool, 866080 Whirlpool, 868464 Whirlpool, 866144 Whirlpool, 4364178 Whirlpool, 866083 Whirlpool, 709T034S01 Electrolux, 868599 Whirlpool, RR117 Supco, 4338510 Whirlpool, 877578 Whirlpool, 866227 Whirlpool, 877579 Whirlpool, 868000 Whirlpool, 5301167733 Electrolux, 4363088 Whirlpool, 4335063 Whirlpool, 4332999 Whirlpool, 4320364 Whirlpool, 4164317 Whirlpool, 814699 Whirlpool, 816185 Whirlpool, 4165235 Whirlpool, 4165241 Whirlpool, 4321228 Whirlpool, 4179038 Whirlpool, 4315237 Whirlpool, 0089336 Amana, 4371379 Whirlpool, 786212 Whirlpool, 4362529 Whirlpool, 4362508 Whirlpool, 4355480 Whirlpool, WB17X210 General Electric, 5303912666 Electrolux, 4389596 Whirlpool, 5303935058 Electrolux,, 258864 Whirlpool, 258858 Whirlpool, 4332751 Whirlpool, 4343235 Whirlpool, 4343198 Whirlpool, 4320781 Whirlpool, 3147829 Whirlpool, 4342636 Whirlpool, 865702 Whirlpool, 865719 Whirlpool, 312605 Whirlpool, 865699 Whirlpool, 4320367 Whirlpool, 4320366 Whirlpool, 12001673 Maytag, 865700 Whirlpool, 3169190 Whirlpool, 865703 Whirlpool, 865701 Whirlpool, 4320365 Whirlpool, 3176638 Whirlpool, 865741 Whirlpool

Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 4.00 × 1.50 in


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