Dryer Heating Element NA 279838


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Part No. NA 279838    Dryer Heating Element

Part purpose:

The heating element turns electricity into heat.

Part location on dryer:

Remove the back cover of the dryer. As you face the back of the dryer the heating element will be located in the tube running vertically on the right hand side.

Part failure symptoms:

When the element fails the dryer turns but does not heat.  It is essential to confirm the heating element is bad since other components such as thermodiscs & fuses can produce the same symptom.  Also check for 220 volts at the back of the dryer.  The dryer will run but not heat when 110 volts is present instead of 220 volts.  Cycle the dryer circuit breakers off and back on if 220 volts is not present.

Part diagnosis:

If there is no continuity through the heating element, it is bad. Visually inspect element for break. Bring your “heating element” in for free confirmation that it is good/bad or call the U-FIX-IT store for free assistance with diagnosis.

Replacing NA 279838 on Whirlpool, Kenmore, Estate, Roper, KitchenAid dryers


5400 watt, 240 volts

Cross Reference Info:

Replaces 279838,279837,279843

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