Dryer Door Latch with metal strike ER 279570M


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Part No. ER279570M    Dryer Door Latch with metal strike

Part purpose:

Kit replaces both the latch and the strike for holding the door closed while the dryer is running.

Part location on dryer:

The latch is located on the front of the dryer near the opening for loading clothes into the dryer.  The strike is located on the door so that it engages the latch when the door is closed.

Part failure symptoms:

Either the latch or the strike can break due to wear and tear (aging).

Part diagnosis:

If the door will not stay closed during the drying cycle, it is likely the latch or strike is bad. Call the U-FIX-IT store for free assistance with diagnosis.


Kit containing 1 latch and 1 metal strike.  A metal strike replaces plastic strikes.

Cross Reference Info:

Replaces 279570, 279570m, LA-1003, WE1X10023, 5366021400, WE1X1192, 131658800, DE902M


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