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    Part No. 279769    High Limit Thermostat & Fuse Replacement Kit

    Part Purpose:

    The high limit kit is a safety that protects the dryer against overheating. The kit consist of one time use fuse and a high limit thermostat that stops the flow of electricity when the limit temperature is exceeded protecting against potential fires. Technicians recommend replacing both items together for best protection.

    Part location on dryer:

    Both items are located on the heater housing.

    Part failure symptoms:

    When the fuse or thermostat fails it causes the dryer to run, but not heat.

    Part diagnosis:

    If there is no continuity through the fuse (and/or the thermostat) it is bad. Bring your “fuse and thermostat” in for free confirmation that it is good/bad or call the U-FIX-IT store for free assistance with diagnosis.

    Kit includes:

    One high limit thermostat & one thermo cut-off. Used on electric dryers from 1985-1995.

    Cross Reference info:


    3977394 Whirlpool
    3387812 Whirlpool
    695563 Whirlpool
    3389946 Whirlpool
    SET184 Supco
    279548 Whirlpool
    3398671 Whirlpool
    279769 ERP

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