Part No. ER B778 Bake Element for Whirlpool


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Part purpose:

Bake element causes the oven cavity to heat to the temperature set on the oven control.

Part location in Range or Wall Oven:

The oven element is in the bottom of the oven cavity sitting on the oven floor below the oven racks and is attached to the back wall of the oven.

Part failure symptoms:

Bake element will not get hot.

Part diagnosis:

Bake elements may fail in a manner that resembles a miniature firework display that leaves the element ragged and burned.  They can also fail with no visible evidence the bake element is bad.  The element can be removed by disconnecting all power from the range or oven.  Remove the screws attaching the element to the back wall of the oven.  Slide the bake element toward the front of the oven far enough to expose the wire connections.  Disconnect both wires from the element and take it to the nearest U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts store for free testing to confirm it is bad. Call the U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts store for free assistance with diagnosis.

Fits Whirlpool 


ER B778 bake element is a calrod element designed to produce an even heat.  240/208 volts, 2100/1577 watts with .250” male terminal push-in connections.  An exact match of the wattage is not necessary.

Cross Reference Info:

Replaces 202-873877-001 255103 257376 257987 326791 4336508 4336509 4337607 453721 490070 B778 CH3658 CH5851 CH687 ERB778 RP000778 RP778 TS778 WB44M2 WB44X238

Also fits: Whirlpool #4336509, Gemline #RP778, Chromalox/Supco #CH687, Zoppas #TS778


Additional information

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